When working events with your photo booth, it is easy to become unorganized and frantic.  Events can quickly become a nightmare if you simply forget even a few things. Of anything, you definitely don’t want to ruin your client’s big day! Photo Booth International has taken notes and critiqued these events, while also interviewing Photo Booth Dallas’s attendants and broke it down into three sections. These sections cover preparation for the event, working the event, and following up with the client after the event. We have made sure to expand each section, into three separate articles, to ensure that we are thoroughly walking you through each properly.

Preparation Preparation begins with the booking process.

If you don’t plan the event accordingly it could cause terrible repercussions. Jazmine from Photo Booth Dallas, LLC gave us some tips and tricks to making sure that your event goes smooth. “Always confirm the venue address, one wrong digit can ruin everything”, She warns, “Make sure to confirm the type of booth service they will be getting and make sure it matches the contract.”  You want to make sure that you have everything noted and documented that way you leave a paper trail and you can tie up all your loose ends and cover all your bases. The best way to do this is with a contract that includes both parts of the party. (I.E you and your client).

After the initial booking you will want to stay in contact with your client.

“Communicate more than you feel is necessary with your client and attendant, to ensure that your client’s expectations will be met.” Jazmine advises. You want to be sure that you are making room for any unexpected errors or delays that could occur, you always want to anticipate the worst case scenario.  Photo Booth Dallas does this by making sure that the payment is taken in full at least 7 days before the event, to avoid any late payments or having to “chase” your clients. You will also want to make sure to test the client’s layout as well as all of the other photo booth components several days before working the event, this ensures that if anything is wrong you will have time to fix it so your event can run smoothly. Make sure that you have a good contact name and number for the day of the event, someone who will be easy to access. “If the Bride booked the booth, she won’t be able to answer the call if you need instructions­ so ask for an event coordinator or a family member.”  Jazmine explained. You will also want to make certain that you have clear parking and loading details before your event so that you can save time and any frustrations.

Photo Booth Attendants

Once you have the equipment and information prepped, you will need to make sure to prep your attendant.  Be sure that they are familiar with the booth components and technical solutions to the more likely issues such as paper jams, refilling the ink and paper, and correcting the photo booth software settings (sometimes it resets). Your attendant is representing your company so you want to make sure that who you chose to send out to work the event is well mannered, well groomed, and very polite. Your attendant should be fun, someone who will attract guests to the booth.  You want your attendant to blend in well, Photo Booth Dallas requires their attendants to wear all black to be sure that they do not stand out. The attendant should be energetic and have an all around great attitude. The best attendants are the ones who are enjoying the event. You also want to make sure that your attendants do not consume any alcoholic beverages while working the event, even if it is offered, it could set a bad image for your company. Be sure that your attendant stays in contact with the point of contact throughout the night. “Sometimes the birthday girl will get carried away with their friends and won’t take a single picture, usually toward the end I will find the mother, father and birthday girl and ask if they would like to take photos before the event ends,” Zach Perrine of Photo Booth Dallas tell us, “ they usually appreciate that because they had genuinely forgot to photograph themselves.” The above stated are things that simply cannot be overlooked, be sure to thoroughly explain to your attendant what is expected and what is not accepted.

Proper preparation for an event is critical to a successful photo booth business.

The way your company conducts themselves while booking, preparing and working an event reflects on the way you run your business. If you are late and your attendant doesn’t know how to change ink and paper, there’s a problem. Clients are more likely to repeat their booking if their expectations are met so be sure that you are planning accordingly and assuring that your company is represented with high standards at every event.

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