Client Success Story: David Boyd

Bb: Kaylynn Palmer

Photo Booth International

David Quit His Job To Start A Photo Booth Business

As a company built on our clients success, we take great pride when our clients are able to follow their dreams.  David Boyd, did just that.  

David started working for an insurance company twelve years ago and only wished to pursue his photography career.  He came to our showroom and spoke with us about his goals and aspiration to quit his job and become a photographer, full time.  We took what David had told us and we knew he would achieve his goals.  

After looking at the photo booths and their capabilities, David knew this is exactly what he wanted to do.  He quit his job and Started A Photo Booth Business.  He paid his deposit for The LED Booth (a good choice might we add!).

He knew it was exactly what his clients would want.  David paired his booth with a professional DSLR camera and a pop up green screen, which makes for quite the set up.  

While we were putting together David’s dream, he was vacationing with his lovely wife and when they came back the booth was ready to be taken home.  David already has several events scheduled and is enjoying his booth to the full extent.  The best part?  He works for himself.  

Photo Booth International works hard to provide our clients with all the necessary resources they need to succeed.  We establish a personal connection with our clients and welcome them into our family with open arms.  When our clients fail, we have failed; we don’t fail.  

About Josh Pather

Josh Pather is a Photo Booth Business Expert who has been in the Photo Booth Business for over 10 years. Josh started out renting photo booths in 2012 and has since made millions of dollars renting photo booths to all
kinds of events. Nowadays Josh teaches 1000s of people around the world how to start a successful photo booth rental business.