Legal Information to Consider


As I discussed at the beginning of the article the shell you choose should be able to fit with ease into your vehicle.  You also want to make sure that you remember to take out your printer so that it doesn’t get damaged.  Be sure to travel with lots of moving blankets and cushion.


Some venues require you to have insurance and it even if they don’t it is still a great thing to have.  This helps reduce your liability in case someone gets hurt in your booth.  Contact an agent in your area to discuss this in detail.

Legal Structure of Your Business

  • Sole Proprietorship Probably the most common for small start-up photo booth operators, the business is simply just you and you can register the business name at your local government office.
  • Partnership If you and some partners are starting the business, offering a partnership may be the best.
  • Limited Liability Company (LLC) This is a great way to shelter yourself from your business so if you ever do run into legal trouble, your personal assets are less at risk.  This is really easy to register for online.


Contracts are there to help protect yourself and your business.  Seek the help from an attorney if you have any questions or to better protect yourself from future issues.  Here is a list of helpful things you might address in a contract.

  • Can you use the photos for commercial use after the event?
  • What are the start and end times of the event?
  • Are you requiring a deposit up front?
  • What forms of payment are you set up for?
  • What is the event location, and is there a contact person?
  • What happens if a guest does damage to your booth?
  • If the booth needs photo adjustments or the printer paper needs to be changed during the event time, is this written in your contract to allow for down time?
  • Is there a late fee policy if the person does not pay before the event?
  • Do you have release of liability clause to further protect yourself.
  • What happens if you break down or can’t make the event last minute? It may be good to consider adding that you have the right to cancel the event at any given time and refund the person their funds if you cancel.

A photo booth business is a great opportunity to do something that is fun and successful.  Photo Booth International takes the time to make sure that your business will be nothing less than prosperous and profitable.

A Guide to Success: Photo Booth Start-Up

A series on Starting a Photo Booth Business


Photo Booth International offers complete packages starting at $6200.  Our packages include all of the equipment, Booth Shell, Camera, Computer, Touchscreen, Printer and the software.  Along with an initial 700 prints worth of ink and paper, and a pack of props.  

We also are always by your side with our lifetime tech support and one year warranty.  Our company is trained to make sure that you have all the equipment and knowledge to start your company off right and be successful quick! 

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