Photo Booth Equipment & Accessories

Photo Booth (SHELL ONLY) approx. $2000

The exterior design of the booth is a very important factor that you must decide on.  There are a number of designs ranging from large, eye catching, head turning booths to small, easy set-up, easy transportable booths.  Photo Booth International offers a wide variety of booths to fit everyone’s needs.

When deciding what shell to choose here are some things to keep in mind,

  1. Does the height adjust for small children or taller adults?
  2. Does the booth fit, or break down enough, to fit in your vehicle?
  3. Are you looking for a simple booth or an eye catching booth?

Keep in mind the type of audience you want to appeal to.  Remember, it is not about what YOU want, but what your CLIENTS will want.

Camera/AC Adapter approx. $250-$575

Depending on which camera you are wanting is really where the price value lands.  There are two options here.  You can get a USB Web Camera which will run you around $100, in this case you won’t need an adapter because it is a simple plug-in-play.  Web Cameras are a great substitute for a DSLR if you are looking to save the extra money.  DSLR cameras provide better quality to create professional photos, but with the right webcam the average person won’t tell the difference.  Canon Rebel T5 is a great DSLR camera to incorporate into your booth.  It is a professional grade camera at an affordable price.  With the DSLR it is best to also purchase an AC Adapter, this allows you to directly plug your camera up to a power source so that your don’t have to run the risk of the camera’s batteries dying on you.

Micro Desktop Computer approx. $400

The photo booth doesn’t require a lot of memory or processes, a basic desktop computer will suffice.  You will want a ‘Micro’ so that it fits in the booth with ease and extra space.  You also can do well with a laptop,  a PC or Mac will be fine.  The computer only needs to be able to store the photos and photo booth software.  When choosing a computer keep in mind that it would have to be on and running for hours at a time so you want to be sure that it won’t overheat too easy.  You will also want to make sure that it has enough USB ports to plug in your keyboard, touchscreen, camera, and printer.  You can also get a USB Hub if you need more ports.  Also, If you are planning on using any social media feature you need to be sure that the computer you choose has wifi capabilities.

Touch Screen Monitor approx. $300

The touch screen is mounted directly onto the booth and provide ease of access and a sleek look.  When choosing your touch screen remember what size you want and be sure to use a dependable brand such as Viewsonic.

Printer approx. $1000

When choosing a printer for your booth make sure that you are using a high quality printer such as the DNP RX-1 HS.  You want to make sure that your prints are coming out just as clear as they seem on the screen.  You also want to make sure that your clients are not waiting two minutes for each print, and that your printer is capable of cutting strips.

Software approx. $200

There are plenty of software applications out there for a photo booth.  Some of our favorite include SparkBooth, Social Booth, and DarkRoom Booth.  Each software has different capabilities and customization options so be sure to check out what your software includes to insure that you are getting the best fit software for your clients and photo booth.

A Guide to Success: Photo Booth Start-Up

A series on Starting a Photo Booth Business


Photo Booth International offers complete packages starting at $5400.  Our packages include all of the equipment, Booth Shell, Camera, Computer, Touchscreen, Printer and the software.  Along with an initial 700 prints worth of ink and paper, and a pack of props.  

We also are always by your side with our lifetime tech support and one year warranty.  Our company is trained to make sure that you have all the equipment and knowledge to start your company off right and be successful quick! 

We make sure that you always have these tips accessible so we created our member area that is full of how-to videos, low cost business cards, advertising advice and much more.