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The New DNP RX-1 HS | Tips & Tricks

The new DNP RX-1 HS is now in full swing, so here are just a few fact we would like to share with you.

  • The RX1HS will print 20% faster than the RX1
  • The same driver for the RX1 works with the RX1HS
  • DarkRoom Booth built in driver works without a problem.
  • With the new FW the RX1 should have the same speed as the RX1HS
  • The old media will NOT work in the new printer.
  • The new media WILL work in the old printer. However, once used in the RX1, it will not work in RX1HS.
  • The new Firmware is now available
  • New RX1HS media boxes have Blue writing.  You may want to still mark the boxes, especially if you have someone else picking up, and/or running your booths.
  • The Firmware has a new feature that will allow the printer to appear as the same printer to the driver, no matter what port it is in- NO MORE COPIES!
  • New RX1HS ribbon has a grey ribbon end cap  and grey writing on the back of the paper.  RX1 has yellow ribbon end cap and yellow writing on the back on the paper.
  • Additional features include: improved operational support with the addition of USB iSerial functionality for seamless connectivity to Mac and PC computers. Printing to multiple DS-RX1 HS printers is now a breeze in Windows or the Mac platform.
  • With the largest print capacity in its class and rugged, durable design, and new higher speed output, the DS-RX1 HS answers all the requirements for outstanding performance for local or remote event photo printing venues.
  • The DS-RX1 HS and RX1 printers are supported by a variety of 3rd party photo printing and Photo Booth applications. These allow for quick startup and high productivity.

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