Mirror Photo Booths

The sleek design of modern, easy-to-use mirror photo booths makes them the perfect choice for your photo booth rental business. The touch-screen interface, full-color animations, and customization options make them enticing, engaging, and fun for any event.

These mirror booths are fully portable, with easy and intuitive set-up, making operations a breeze. Shatter-proof tempered glass makes them safe for even the most raucous events. Built-in LED lighting is flattering, transforming every shot into a professional-grade photo.

Explore mirror photo booths for sale below. You’ll discover the high-quality set-up that will transform your rental business. Invest today and enjoy a successful and lucrative enterprise.

Miami Mobile Photo Booth

Miami Mobile
Photo Booth

Those of you looking for the perfectly mobile photo booth to start your photo booth business, look no further!  Photo Booth International is proud to present the Mobile Photo Booth – One of the most advanced and easily portable photo booths ever built. It will prove to be an instant hit in your next event, no matter where it is.

From $11,000

Portable Astro Mirror
Photo Booth

The Astro Mirror Photo Booth is perfect for the photo booth rental industry. Engineered to be lightweight and folding, finally, a mirror photo booth that is simple and easy to transport. The Mirror Edge provides a new, modern look and feel to the Mirror Booth series. With an adjustable angled slant, you can quickly and easily adapt to any demand that you will run into.

From $12,000

Magic Mirror
Photo Booth

If you are looking for a bold way to impress a crowd, get clients, and grow your business, the PBI Mirror 2 Photo Booth has you covered. This magic mirror photo booth is BIG, with an impressive 55 or even 65(upgrade) inch touch mirror surface that will get the attention you are looking for. It truly is a full-length mirror photo booth. The surface is an industrial strength tempered glass, meaning you don’t have to worry about accidental breakage from excited guests or kids, and it comes with an attachable cover for safe and easy transport.

From $9,500

Mirror 4 Flawless Photo Booth

PBI Mirror 4
Photo Booth

The PBI Mirror 4 photo booth is unlike any other we have seen. The word that comes to mind is “spectacular”. How big is that mirror you ask? It is 25 by 62 inches, backed by a massive 42 inch LED monitor.

This is a touch mirror photo booth that is elegant enough for any event, from weddings to corporate. Also, it comes with a printer to get you started right away! If you are on the fence about which photo booth to start or expand your business with, the PBI Mirror 4 – your very own Tall Mirror photo booth – is an outstanding choice.

From $12,500

Cloee DSLR
Photo Booth

Presenting, The Cloee Ring Light Photo Booth. 

Photo Booth International’s newest, most portable photo booth design yet! Lined with vivid LED lights, this “tiny but mighty” photo booth transports in even the most compact vehicle. 

This showstopper in the portable photo booth business market offers much more than a traditional photo booth!  With built-in speakers, a high-def webcam, touch screen, computer, and installed software, this all-in-one portable photo booth pushes the envelope by providing not only amazing photos but background music to add extra entertainment value.

The Most Advanced Ring Light Photo Booth We have Ever Built. 

From $8,999

How A Photo Mirror Booth Will Transform Your Life

Our high-end, state-of-the-art mirror photo booths are an investment in your financial future. Each one has the potential to bring in the extra income boost you deserve. A mirror photo booth can kickstart a photo booth business, setting you on the path to success. They’re also the perfect extra offering for event vendors.

Here are the reasons why you should consider investing in a mirror photo booth.

Set Your Offerings Apart

A high-tech, interactive mirror booth will ensure you stand out from competitors. They offer something unique and different that traditional photo booths just don’t offer.

A mirror photo booth isn’t a passive fixture sitting in the corner of a venue. It’s a sleek, attractive, fully interactive activity that draws crowds! The well-lit, professional-quality photos will speak for themselves.

Embrace Organic Growth

Your unique, state-of-the-art mirror photo booth is sure to attract attention. Once one guest experiences the difference, they’ll be eager to hire you for their next event. As soon as you begin booking events, word of mouth tends to spread like wildfire. It all begins with a fun, functional, and eye-catching mirror booth.

Offer More, Do Less

If you already run an event business, offering photo booth mirror rentals is an add-on that will bring in cash without adding work. It’s simple for wedding and event photographers to add mirror booth rentals to their list of offerings. You’ll already be on-site to monitor the booth. It’s an efficient way to bring in additional income without any extra time investment.

Their simple setup and intuitive interface require very little from you. Arrive early, set it up, then stand back and enjoy the extra cash!

Invest in a Mirror Booth for Sale

When you choose to purchase a mirror photo booth from Photo Booth International, you’ll never be on your own. Once you invest in a mirror booth, we’ll invest in your success. This turn-key business comes complete with complimentary training to help you build your skillset and thrive in this growing market.

If you need help choosing the right model, we’re happy to assist. Our industry-leading customer support representatives will talk you through your options. Call us or text us toll-free at 972-301-2930.

Already made up your mind? Request a quote and see how PBI photo booths can transform your income and your life.

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