The Cloee Ring Light Photo Booth

Our Most Portable All-Inclusive Ring Light Photo Booth Ever

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Ready to start your own photo booth business today with an easy to transport, show-stopping Ring Light Photo Booth?

Presenting, The Cloee Ring Light Photo Booth. 

Photo Booth International’s newest, most portable photo booth design yet! Lined with vivid LED lights, this “tiny but mighty” photo booth transports in even the most compact vehicle. 

This showstopper in the portable photo booth business market offers much more than a traditional photo booth!  With built-in speakers, a high-def webcam, touch screen, computer, and installed software, this all-in-one portable photo booth pushes the envelope by providing not only amazing photos but background music to add extra entertainment value.

The Most Advanced Ring Light Photo Booth We have Ever Built. 

Payoff Your Investment In 8 Events @ $500/Event