Photo Booth International Review By Marisol

This week at Photo Booth International Marisol drove up from Brownsville Texas to visit us and pick up her new Model A Photo Booth. She was really excited as this was her first Photo Booth Purchase and she felt like she made the right choice.

photo booth purchase

photo booth purchase

The Model A has been our best selling Photo Booth for the last 4 years despite all of different types of booths that have been released. Our clients really like the 22 inch touch screen it comes with. The large screen can accommodate more people and guests seem to like the larger viewing area.

One of our favorites parts of the Model A is the built in wheels, these wheels allow you to roll right into your event with ease and makes set up a breeze. No need to carry additional equipment like an extra dolly. It can also hold a wide variety of printers on the bottom half of the booth. Our recommended printer is still the DNP RX1, even after 4 years we just can’t seem to get away from it’s durability.

We wish Marisol all the best with her new venture and we will be sure to support her all the through. All of our clients do get access to our Member Area which has everything you need to start your business from the ground up. Some of the documents include contracts, sales training, a startup guide, Photo Booth Boot Camp guide and much more. 

Give us a call today if your would like to start a Photo Booth Business 855-474-6868 or view all of our Photo Booths For Sale Here