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Kingsman Services: Getting More Gigs After Purchasing a Photo Booth

Kingsman Services is company offering bartending services and photo booth rentals for events in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex. The company offers its services at big events including weddings and private parties, where people gather to make long lasting memories.

The Challenge

Kingsman Services operates in a large metro area with a lot of competition — so the company needed a way to make it stand out. Since it was a new company, it was already offering very competitive prices on its bartending service — but it needed an edge that would bring it to the forefront of the minds of managers at local wedding venues.

When Kingsman Services purchased a photo booth from Photo Booth International, things really got going.

The Results

After purchasing the photo booth, Kingsman Services saw an uptick in regular gigs — and its owner couldn’t be happier.

“Purchasing a photo booth has given me the opportunity to be a preferred photo booth vendor at 4 wedding venues around the Dallas Ft. Worth,” says Kingsman Services’ owner Alan C. Burnett.

With the option of having a photo booth at their event, Kingsman Services is now able to  give its customers what they’re seeking: a way to make lasting memories with colleagues, friends and family.

“Customers should choose my company not only because of the customer service provided, but I provide an experience as well,” Burnett says.

What’s more, Burnett says he loves the ongoing support Photo Booth International provides — helping him go even further in his business including the website he got with his purchase. Whether it’s to ask a question about a product or to get advice on business matters, Burnett says Photo Booth International’s staff is always there for him.

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