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4 Ways To Attract Corporate Clients To Your Photo Booth Business

When people think photo booth, often times, the first thing they think of, is private events such as birthdays and weddings. However, the truth is there’s an equal if not greater demand for photo booths for business events too. In fact there is a HUGE opportunity in the corporate industry and it has been largely unexplored!
Corporate clients mean big profits because they have larger budgets and often times they will hire you over and over, for all of their events. But naturally, first you have to tap into the untapped yet promising market for photo booths for corporate events. What are the best ways to do that? Photo Booth International offers some valuable tips with which you can bag new clients.
1 – Showcase Your Unique Services!
The fact of the matter is that corporate clients are searching for your services every day. There are 1000s of companies who can benefit from your services but can they find you? 
Most websites do not display their services or at least not in an easy to find manner. So the first step is to exhibit all of your service options where visitors can view them easily. Additionally, since corporate clients want the latest and greatest features, it’d be best to showcase these in visual forms such as pictures, videos, and testimonials.
Moreover it’s important to discuss how you will assist them in realizing their business goals? How will a photo booth take their event/marketing to the next level? Be creative and no matter what techniques you deploy, be sure to include those features and service options that help differentiate you from the competition.
Take away: display pictures and videos that clearly indicate the results and benefits of your photo booths (examples: gif, green screen, data collection, custom prints, social media uploading, and fun props)
2 – Use LinkedIn.
Do you have a LinkedIn profile? Did you know that 75% of business owners that I talk to, don’t?
For the uninitiated, Linkedin is a professional network where you can connect professionally with clients, especially corporate ones. Being the professional equivalent of Facebook, it’s a great professional networking tool, which helps companies, professionals, business owners, and entrepreneurs alike connect with prospective business partners, investors, target customers, and clients to find new business opportunities.
LinkedIn displays the professional profiles of members along with the companies they work for, their positions, and roles. So it’s an easy-to-use platform to both identify and reach out to the concerned people in the companies you want to work with. It’s a great business strategy to use the platform to connect with professionals in the industry who may be looking for photo booths in the future or who may be able to introduce you to other prospective clients.
Again, when connecting with others via LinkedIn, it’s important to clearly communicate the benefits of having a photo booth for corporate events and also a brief explanation of all the services you offer. Furthermore, since your profile represents you and it is the first thing they will notice, make sure it is up to date and looking sharp.
3 – Don’t Be Afraid to Use Guerrilla Marketing Strategies.
If you’re ready to crank it up a notch and separate yourself from the competition, then let’s talk about some guerrilla tactics. Think outside the box when you’re marketing your products and services. For instance, a handwritten letter to the company you’re trying to attract is a good way to add a personal touch and helps make a distinct first impression.
It’s also a great tactic to include a mock photo sample of a photo booth for corporate events alongside a brief note on what impact it can have on their business. You can also send them a useful gift or donuts maybe. Or perhaps you can offer a free demo of your services.
4 – Customize Anything.
Corporate clients love to brand anything and everything they can put their hands on. If they ask for custom backdrops, props, or photos, always say yes! It would help demonstrate the cohesiveness of their brands and it would help you increase your revenues by delivering customized services – a win-win for all. Besides, creating decals doesn’t require much money or effort – you can get it done at a local print shop at a reasonable price. However the returns on such customized services can be tremendous. In fact it’s a great business strategy to mention upfront that you offer customization, as it helps attract new clientele who are looking for such services.
Lastly, be sure to capture good-quality pictures of your photo booths at the corporate events of your existing clients, as it serves as a good testimony for prospective clients or as marketing material.
The #1 reason Photo Booth International was able to attract corporate clients is by displaying on our website the results of photo booths for corporate events, with pictures and videos, apart from a brief discussion of what we can do for them. Here are some samples below.
Want to take your Photo Booth business to the next level? Consider joining the Inner Circle.
Want to take your Photo Booth Busines to the next level? Consider joining the Inner Circle
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