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Experts at Photo Booth Dallas Give Us Some Insight on The Rewarding Business Of Running a Photo Booth Rental Company.

By: Kaylynn Palmer
 Photo Booth International
     In 2013, Kamini Pather bought her first photo booth and started working events by renting her photo booth out part-time.  After working as a contractor this was a memorable change for Kamini.  “Using Josh’s expertise, I bought the booth and started renting it out part-time,” She stated.  “ It’s so fun and easy, and I paid off my investment in just six months working weekends only.”  Currently as the “Nano- Weapons Specialist”, she says her title “is a great ice-breaker and means I can create any photobooth package for any event.”  Her only regret was “not doing it sooner.”  
        “The most rewarding part about working in this industry is the whole idea of creating something, being involved in all these special events and ultimately being apart of something different,”  Kamini tells us, “ It is definitely difficult to choose a favorite event type  but I love  Corporate Charity Galas.  There are always really interesting speakers and it’s great to learn about the organizations.  Weddings still always make me cry.”


“I have a creative mind and I get bored easily so being able to change and being pushed to my maximum just helps me get to the next level.”

    Business is good, Kamini personally books anywhere from seven to ten events a week.  Photo Booth Dallas provides an all inclusive service that aims to make the client feel taken care of. “The hardest thing about working in this industry is having to keep up with all the changing trends and knowing whether a product is still relevant and popular.” She says, “ You have to think FOR your client and anticipate their needs. Ask all the right questions”.  


 “ Both of  my best friends had photo booths at their weddings and every year on the anniversary we bring out the photo booth pictures and post them on facebook and reminisce.”

       Photo Booth Dallas services events all over DFW, So what stands them apart from everyone else?  “ Every single team member comes in every day and strives to be better, whether it be
by mutual criticism or personal
development,” Kamini states, “We make sure that our clients are well taken care of,  by  
suggesting packages that will suit their event and helping them understand, even when they request it, that certain things might not work and completely walk them through the process.”  


“Our unspoken  motto is ‘Be better today than you were yesterday’- it’s unspoken but practiced everyday in everything we do.”    

   Making sure the event goes perfect is the goal, and Kamini wants to give  you exclusive tips.  “ It’s important that you arrive as early as possible”  She said, “ You have to think about your work flow in regards to your crowd control.”  “Safety first,” She adds, “always make sure your booth is easily accessible to your clients, make sure your cords are taped down.”
       “ You are the manager and creator of the mood,  if you make it fun, your clients will have fun.”

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