Supplies & Extra Expenses


Printer Paper & Ink approx. $250

If you plan on having a printer you will need ink and paper for it, these are also called “media kits”.  Typically a roll of ink and paper gives you 700 prints which last around four or five events- depending on how many pictures you print.  We recommend always keeping two extra rolls of each, just in case.  You can never be too safe.

Props approx. $200

This depends on the event as they are optional, but we always use them.  Funny props are the best probs- we find mustaches and signs are the biggest hits.  Photo Booth International carries a large variety of props that we are continuously expanding.



This is dependant on how far away your event is.  The costs can really add up and take away some of your profit so we suggest charging a “fuel surcharge” depending on the distance in miles.  This will also depend on what vehicle you use and the gas milage that it has.

Scrapbook approx. $20

A scrapbook is a good upsell.  Many clients love to have a physical memoranda of their event and this is the perfect way to present it to them.  You can order them in bulk to get them cheaper at some place.

Hot Spot approx. $30/mo.

Social Media uploading is also a great upsell, most photo booth softwares come with this capability so this upsell is 100% profit.  However, some venues or events won’t have wifi to connect to in order for you to be able to upload.  We have found that enough clients want the social capability that they are willing to pay up to $75 for the use of the hot spot.  It pays for itself, generally speaking.

A Guide to Success: Photo Booth Start-Up

A series on Starting a Photo Booth Business


Photo Booth International offers complete packages starting at $5400.  Our packages include all of the equipment, Booth Shell, Camera, Computer, Touchscreen, Printer and the software.  Along with an initial 700 prints worth of ink and paper, and a pack of props.  

We also are always by your side with our lifetime tech support and one year warranty.  Our company is trained to make sure that you have all the equipment and knowledge to start your company off right and be successful quick! 

We make sure that you always have these tips accessible so we created our member area that is full of how-to videos, low cost business cards, advertising advice and much more.