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Photo Booth Rental Business Growth Secrets

My Secret to Get More Bookings For Your Photo Booth Rental Business   Photo Booth International (PBI) and our photo booth rental business may be at its glory days, but little do most people know our ultra humble beginnings. It’s no…
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Inside a Billion Dollar Empire with Elena Cardone

Those who still believe that business and finance is a men’s world definitely have to meet THE Elena Cardone. Read below to see how you can get inspired to build your photo booth business.   It’s no understatement that Elena is…
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What You Should Know About Starting A Photo Booth Business

Are you thinking about starting a photo booth business?  Here is what you should know. Things that you will want to think about when starting a business. If you are here, then the chances are that you have been considering starting a portable…
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3 Places To Register Your Photo Booth Business

1. - Yelp has a free profile that will give you a powerful backlink right to your website. Setup takes a few minutes, and you can do it from your phone. Make sure to select the categories and areas you serve.   2. Google… logo

Preparing for Events

When working events with your photo booth, it is easy to become unorganized and frantic.  Events can quickly become a nightmare if you simply forget even a few things. Of anything, you definitely don't want to ruin your client's big… logo

Legal Information to Consider

Transporting As I discussed at the beginning of the article the shell you choose should be able to fit with ease into your vehicle.  You also want to make sure that you remember to take out your printer so that it doesn’t get damaged.  Be… logo


Once you have acquired your booth it is time to get some events booked.  I highly recommend you build a website that clients can go to directly and view your company and what your service offers.  It is also beneficial to create the easiest… logo

Supplies & Extra Expenses

Supplies Printer Paper & Ink approx. $250 If you plan on having a printer you will need ink and paper for it, these are also called “media kits”.  Typically a roll of ink and paper gives you 700 prints which last around four or five… logo

Photo Booth Equipment & Accessories

Photo Booth (SHELL ONLY) approx. $2000 The exterior design of the booth is a very important factor that you must decide on.  There are a number of designs ranging from large, eye catching, head turning booths to small, easy set-up, easy transportable…