The 360 photo booth by Photo Booth International will be available in the beginning of January for purchase. It is one of our hottest and most talked about new photo booths to date. Why is that? It is a completely revolutionary design, leaving a lot of people wondering: What is a 360 photo booth? Why do I need one? And where can I get one? This article will answer all of these questions and then some more.

What is a 360 Photo Booth? And What Can It Do?

A 360 degree photo booth is a booth that can take a photo by spinning 360 degrees around the person it is capturing. So it generates a spinning image of the people it is photographing. Pretty cool right?

How the 360 photo booth works is it is equipped with an arm that spins around, holding the camera as it clicks images of the people standing on the platform.

The booth is perfect for both social and corporate events, be it anniversary parties, birthdays, sweet 16 bashes, company Christmas parties, product launches, bridal and baby showers, and of course weddings. Speaking of weddings, imagine the bride and groom getting a 360 degree clip for their wedding video – what a perfect way to commemorate their special day!

What’s more, the 360 photo booth can accommodate guests of all sizes so they are not restricted by a limiting factor that permits only people who fit certain size or weight criteria to use the photo booth. Plus its all-inclusive feature makes it a versatile addition for all types of kids’ as well as adults’ events.

Why do I Need One?

You need a 360 photo booth because it is yet another but rather unique service that you can offer your customers. Since it’s a one-of-a-kind service, it’s also a big differentiator when they are choosing a company to work with. It isn’t like anything that their friends have done, and everyone wants to be unique, be it the businesses that are purchasing your photo booth to offer customers a different service that sets them apart or the customers who will be renting the photo booth to make their special and once-in-a-lifetime events such as weddings memorable and truly unique and fun.

As a revolutionary technology, a 360 photo booth is a major step in the photo booth industry, and it is important to be one of the first people in your city with one of these. You don’t want to be trying to catch up with your competitors. It is best to keep them trying to catch up to you.

Easy Set-up & Portability

Besides its revolutionary design, it’s one of the most portable and lightweight 360 photo booths on the market, making it easy for your business to transport it to the client’s site or event venue. In addition, it offers an easy setup which means that your staff won’t have to spend more than a few minutes getting it going at the venue.

We at Photo Booth International stand by the high quality and long lasting value offered by all of our products including the 360 photo booth – we offer 1-year manufacturer’s guarantee.

Where can I buy a 360 Photo Booth?

You guessed it, Photo Booth International is bringing your very own 360 photo booth in the beginning of January.  Get ready to take your business to a whole new level in 2021. 

Those of you who want to get the process started right away, you can go ahead and get pre-approved for financing by clicking here.

To reserve one of the first available PBI 360 booths or to know more about them, please give us a call at 855-474-6868.

You can also click here to receive a quote.

More about Photo Booth International

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