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Photo Booth International Announced

Inc 5000 Series #63  Fastest Growing Company in  TEXAS March 13, 2020 - Photo Booth International is pleased to announce that we made Inc 5000 Series list of the fastest-growing private companies in Texas! It is an honor to be ranked #63…
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What Do I Do When My Photo Booth Malfunctions or Breaks Down?

In this article we will be discussing what to do when a photo booth breaks down, or malfunctions. We have all been there, and if you haven’t been, don’t worry you will ?.  Problems are bound to happen in an industry that uses so many electronics. …
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How to Get More Customer Reviews For Your Photo Booth Business

Get Social Proof with Customer Reviews In this article I am going to be writing about how to get more customer reviews on Yelp, Google, Facebook, and everywhere else.  As I am sure that you are already well aware, customer reviews are an integral…
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Are Free Events Really Worth It? Josh Pather

Are free events worth it?  Short answer is YES.  Here is how you can leverage doing free events to equal big dollars.  You can keep reading or watch my YouTube video I made here. Rather read?  No problem.  Here are the takeaways.  Are…

Achieve Photo Booth Business Mastery with The PBI Experience

The PBI Experience:  Achieve Photo Booth Business Mastery on January 23rd in Dallas Josh Pather is a man who has dedicated his life to serving and helping others get started in the business world.  He has a natural entrepreneurial instinct,…