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Are Free Events Really Worth It? Josh Pather

Are free events worth it?  Short answer is YES.  Here is how you can leverage doing free events to equal big dollars.  You can keep reading or watch my YouTube video I made here.Rather read?  No problem.  Here are the takeaways.  Are…

Achieve Photo Booth Business Mastery with The PBI Experience

The PBI Experience:  Achieve Photo Booth Business Mastery on January 23rd in DallasJosh Pather is a man who has dedicated his life to serving and helping others get started in the business world.  He has a natural entrepreneurial instinct,…
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Are Photo Booths a Good Business Idea?

Those who are thinking of starting a new business, you are met with a lot of different options.  You must have heard a few things about photo booths, and that brought you here.  That is great, because now you are at Photo Booth International. …
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What You Should Know About Starting A Photo Booth Business

Are you thinking about starting a photo booth business?  Here is what you should know.Things that you will want to think about when starting a business.If you are here, then the chances are that you have been considering starting a portable…
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Why The Photo Booth Business Is So Lucrative

Have you Ever Wanted to Quit your Job and Start Your Own Business?For those of you looking for a good way to start your first business startup.  This article is for you.Money. Everyone wants it, but few know how to truly make it.  In this…
PBI Montly Update September
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Photo Booth Business SEO | Rank on Google

 Here is how to rank first on google.Josh Pather’s SEO Strategy for My Photo Booth Success I am writing this article because I know a lot of you feel a lot like I did when I started doing photo booth SEO work over 10 years ago. …
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The PBI July Update

July was a big month for many of our members here at PBI.  We really enjoyed seeing all of the great #setupsaturday posts, and all of the rest!  Here are a few of our favorite moments for our members here.   We are also excited to announce…