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Are you looking into purchasing a photo booth to make some extra money? They can be an amazing tool for weddings, graduations, and even holiday parties.

If you’re a photographer looking to offer more for your clients, then a photo booth might be the best option!

However, with so many options out there, it can be hard to determine which photo booths are worth the investment. Which ones stand out above the rest?

What is the best photo booth out there? Well, here are several solid options for you to choose from. Read them all and determine which one is the best photo booth for your situation.

1. Astro Mirror Photo Booth

Mirror, mirror on the wall…which photo booth is the best of them all? The Astro Mirror photo booth certainly makes its case!

It’s sleek and futuristic design will draw people into using it at any event. Plus, its lightweight design makes it easy for you to carry from place to place. No overwhelming set-up or tear-down required. Simply carry it away when the party is done.

This photo booth contains a Microsoft surface pro computer, internal ring flash system, and DSLR camera. Everyone that uses it will have access to high-quality pictures of their favorite moments during the event.

2. PBI 12 Photo Booth

Perhaps you’re looking for the highest return on investment for whatever photo booth you decide to purchase.

If that’s the case, then you can’t beat the PBI 12, which offers a low price with exceptional photo quality and durability. You’ll be able to transport this booth from event to event with no difficulty. It’s perfect for those weekends that are full of events.

This photo booth is especially useful for businessmen and businesswomen who want to liven up their networking events.

It can also be used to create lasting memories with your staff at the next staff holiday party or staff outing. After all, your business is all about the people that run it!

3. Selfie Mirror Booth

For those of you that are looking for a high-class photo booth, look no further than the Selfie Mirror booth.

All of its features, from top to bottom, offer the best technology that money can buy. It has a 40-inch touch mirror surface, Canon T6 camera inside, and a 22-inch LED monitor.

It’s perfect for events like wedding receptions, homecomings, and proms because of it’s embedded flash feature and darkroom software.

Better yet, you’ll have no issues moving it from place to place. It only weighs 110 pounds, with wheels to roll on and handles to grab a firm hand on.

No matter what event you’re working, the attendees will enjoy taking pictures of themselves and with their friends in what is essentially a mirror. it pushes out high-res photos that will leave your guests happy and wanting more.

4. PBI Mirror 2 Booth

Sometimes you need a photo booth with a bit more extravagance. A modern-looking booth doesn’t fit the party aesthetic if you’re going for a more luxurious vibe.

If that’s the case, then you can’t go wrong with the PBI Mirror 2, which looks like a mirror from the Sistine chapel itself. Better yet, the camera is hidden under 2-way acrylic, making it blend in perfectly with the layout of any high-end dinner party.

It has industrial strength tempered glass, with a removable hardcover to move it from place to place with as much protection as possible.

The touch mirror itself is 55 inches across and has a 40 inch LED monitor that pairs nicely with it.

The PBI brand focused on making this device only 110 pounds so that it can be safely rolled into any facility and set up with ease.

It’s perfect for making fun pictures at reception or for gathering more emails for your subscriber list at a local business networking event. Whatever need you have for this photo booth, it has the software to help you achieve it!

5. Fusion Photo Booth

This photo booth pulls out all of the stops to put a smile on the faces of clients and photography services everywhere.

It has all the high-end photo booth software to provide beautiful photos such as a Surface Pro Tablet, ring flash system, DSLR camera, and LED ring light.

Better yet, upon purchasing this booth, you can receive 700 prints in a dye-sublimation printer.

The setup itself is quick and requires no tools. It easily breaks down into 6 different pieces that can be stored safely for easy transporting.

The face of this photo booth invites people in with its bright lights, setting the tone to get the party started off right.

6. PBI Prime Booth

If you’re trying to invest in the coolest looking photo booth on the market, then the Prime booth is your target.

Its design looks as if a modern photo booth and a 90’s polaroid camera had a baby, with bright lights that will gravitate customers to it.

It contains a DSLR camera, backlight, and Windows 10 software to offer high-quality pictures in a quick turnaround.

Its simplistic design draws people in. They will enjoy the speedy picture-taking process in order to either get back to the party faster or take more pictures in a shorter amount of time.

Find the Best Photo Booth for Your Needs

Now that you’ve seen all the top-quality photo booths in the industry, it’s time to find the best photo booth for your business model.

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