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4 Reasons to Have a Photo Booth Business as a Side Hustle

Nearly 2 billion photos get posted online every day which is telling of people’s growing love of sharing personal experiences. That trend is also why owning a photo booth business can end up being an extremely profitable entrepreneurial venture.

If you’re looking for ways to make income on the side that offer great returns with nominal effort, close your Uber app and keep reading. Below, we share four key reasons why a photo booth business can make for a life-changing venture!

1. You’ll Enjoy a Low Barrier of Entry

Nearly every business that’s worth starting costs money upfront. The question is how much that initial investment will be and how quickly it will pay off.

Photo booth businesses are not only stable (which means that returns come fast) but the cost of purchasing a booth is shockingly low. This is particularly true given the financing options that enable you to spread out the photo booth investment or cost of the booth over time. The barrier of entry is also low from a skill perspective since today’s photo booths are intuitive enough for non-tech-savvy owners to manage.

The best part is that when starting your photo booth business, you don’t incur any other upfront costs as you don’t need to invest in office space or even staff – if you don’t want to. You can easily store the photo booth equipment in your home or garage as it doesn’t take up too much space. In fact Photo Booth International offers a wide range of photo booth units in varying sizes and price points. So if you’re crunched for space, you can choose from our compact models that despite their small size, pack in the advanced functionality that can take your business to the next level.

2. Booths Are a Great Addition to Existing Businesses

One of the best things about photo booths is that you can opt for a photo booth revenue share to complement your existing business!

Are you a wedding photographer? If so, you can add a photo booth option to the packages you offer. Do you own a bar? Adding a photo booth to the corner of your space could mean hundreds of extra dollars in your pocket at the end of busy evenings. With such prudent photo booth revenue shares, you can provide your customers with value-added offerings. It would not only translate into an additional income stream for your business but would also increase customer satisfaction.

For instance, your clients who are hosting an event – be it private or corporate – would only be thrilled to add an element of fun and excitement to it in the form of a photo booth. After all they want their guests to enjoy the occasion and given the popularity of photo booths among crowds of all ages they can turn any event into a smash hit.

3. Turn-Key, Passive Income

Are photo booths profitable? Of course the objective of any business is to generate profits. To that end, any type of business or side hustle for that matter requires you to hustle. The good news is that photo booths minimize that assumed leg work without reducing your returns. Considering the amount of low investment and minimum efforts they require, they’re in fact more profitable than other businesses that demand a high amount of capital as well as work.

Photo booth business models vary but consider the low impact that dropping off your booth at an event would have on your time. Most people will find that the money – amounting to hundreds of dollars, say $600, $800, or even more – they’re able to pull in per function makes for an outstanding return on investment when compared to the input – in terms of both time and money.

4. Photo Booths Have Been and Will Continue to Be Popular

As our customers will tell you, owning a photo booth and building a business around it makes for a rewarding experience. The main reason why so many success stories come out of photo booth ownership is because end-users’ love of sharing is growing.

We expect to see that trend continue forward as now more than ever, sharing fun photos from gatherings with those that may not be able to interact directly with loved ones will create special, much-needed senses of interconnectedness.

Owning a Photo Booth Business Is a Call Away

By now you’ve learned why owning a photo booth business makes for a simple and rewarding venture. What’s even better is that getting started is every bit as easy!

Our team at Photo Booth International has served thousands of customers across twenty-two countries by providing them with cutting-edge booths at unbeatable prices. Furthermore, our booths come with lifetime technical support and expert business advice. That enables our customers to keep their photo booths running profitably!

Browse our full selection of booths today. You can also contact us if you’d like to learn more about how you can empower your financial future through the power of photos!

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