Three Ways To Boost Your Photo Booth Business

3 ways to booth your photo booth business

3 ways to booth your photo booth business

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A Guide to Success: Photo Booth Start-Up

A series on Starting a Photo Booth Business

Like anything in life, the key to starting and maintaining a successful business begins with hard work and dedication. Just as Rome was not built in a day, your newfound business will take some time to fully enjoy the fruits of your labor. However, that does not mean you need to follow the beaten path to success. By following these three tried-and-true options, you’ll plant the seeds for quick growth.

1)    Craigslist

The quickest and easiest way to get your business out there is utilizing local services like On the website (which is free to register and use), you’ll find many local businesses posting a variety of opportunities for potential clients. By simply making a new post within the “Services” area of your local Craigslist site (each city has its own page), you can put up a detailed ad describing your services. We recommend keeping your posting with a variety of photos you’ve taken of your equipment and of guests interacting with the booth/trying on props. While not required, a phone number is an easy way for potential clients to contact about pricing and availability.  Describe what your company can do and why you’re better than your competition.

2)    Thumbtack

In conjunction with similar sites like Wedding Wire, Thumbtack is an easy-to-use site that allows you to advertise yourself to thousands of people whose sole purpose is to find someone to work an event for them. Future customers will be prompted when using Thumbtack as to the nature of their event, the type of event it’ll be, whether props are needed, guest count, and many other very important questions to guide you to selecting which client to contact. Once you receive inquiries, you pay only $2.50 per lead, providing an inexpensive means of getting clients you need. You’ll be notified of availability and whether or not they viewed your quote.

3)    Non-Profit Events

The last option is an interesting choice as it depends solely on your presence and friendliness to guests as you would be providing your services free of charge. However, such events can garner hundreds (if not thousands) of people who will be using your booth, getting you close to potential clients who may ask you of your availability and pricing. You pay nothing to get in, but you can easily earn two or more paid clients by volunteering a few hours of your time. By keeping several business cards on you and advertising yourself on the prints guests would receive, you’ll be surprised at the amount of callbacks you’ll receive in due time of users that instantly think of your business for their friend/family’s upcoming event.

These are just some of the things you can do to grow your business and are not limited to just these three. It is only limited by your willingness to think outside of the box and venture into unknown waters. Only then will you gain the revenue you can (and will) deserve.

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