7 Ways to Enhance Your Party With the Cloee Ring Light Photo Booth

Ring Light Photo Booth

If you haven’t discovered the Cloee Ring Light photo booth yet, then you’re missing out on the many ways it can enhance your party experience. Find out why Cloee is the perfect party photo booth rental.

What Is the Cloee Ring Light Photo Booth?

The Cloee Ring Light Photo Booth is a showstopping, portable photo booth that’s the perfect complement to any party. Not only does it look amazing, but it can provide guests with hours of fun and help create memories that can last a lifetime.

With a host of features, and the fact it’s incredibly easy to set up, the Cloee Ring Light photo booth is one of the most popular options for party photo booth rentals, offering great value for money. 

Though it offers incredible performance, this is not an industrial-sized piece of equipment (like you might imagine a traditional photo booth to be). It easily fits in any car and can be quickly set up by one person. This makes it an ideal photo booth rental for a birthday party or any other event.

How Does the Cloee Ring Light Photo Booth Enhance Your Party?

So, how does Cloee go above and beyond the traditional photo booth to enhance your party?

1. Effortlessly Add Another Element to Your Party

One of the main things you want to achieve at a party is to keep people entertained

A party photo booth rental is a great way to do this, but sometimes we’re held back by the thought of all the setup. A traditional photo booth is cumbersome, takes up quite a lot of space, and is difficult to transport, but a Cloee Ring Light photo booth is none of these things. 

It can travel in a car, is lightweight, and can be quickly set up (in under 10 minutes) by a single person, adding another element to your party without the added hassle.

2. Engage People’s Curiosity

The Cloee Ring Light photo booth demands people’s attention. With its internal speakers, glowing lights, and impressive touch screen, it draws your guests’ attention.

party photo booth rental - engagement

You don’t want to spend money on a party photo booth rental just for it to sit in a corner and not be used. When you see the Cloee Ring Light photo booth in action, you can quickly see why this isn’t a worry. 

With remote-controlled lights, powerful speakers, and a beautiful touchscreen display, this photo booth for parties can keep guests entertained for hours on end.

3. Remember the Night in Perfect Definition

With its Logitech 15MP HD webcam, the Cloee Ring Light photo booth is there to record your party in perfect definition. For such a portable photo booth, the photo and video quality are simply amazing, helping guests to remember every little detail of their night.

Offering every feature you could want in a party photo booth rental, all you need to do is set Cloee up, and she’ll dazzle your guests with green screens, prints, and much, much more.

With custom photo templates included, you can keep your videos and photographs on brand, making sure people never forget their wonderful evening. 

4. Jazz Up Your Photos with Over 95 Lighting Configurations

Amazing photography isn’t just about the quality of the camera, it’s also about the lighting

The Cloee Ring Light photo booth comes with vivid LED lights which offer over 95 lighting combinations. This helps guests achieve the perfect social media-worthy pictures and videos to share among their friends.

Not only do the lights help produce amazing pictures, but they also ensure you can’t miss this portable photo booth for parties, no matter how elaborate your party is.

5. Make Shareable Memories

Talking of perfect social media-worthy pictures and videos, the Cloee Ring Light photo booth makes it simple for guests to share their creations on their social media platforms. This gives people the VIP feeling, allowing them to showcase their creations to the world. 

It’s a small detail compared to the amazing pictures and videos, but the interactive touchscreen makes Cloee incredibly easy to use and just adds to the fun of the party. 

In the true style of the digital world, the Cloee Ring Light photo booth makes memories sharable, allowing everyone to join in on the fun.

6. Set the Mood with Your Choice of Music

What would your videos be without the perfect music to accompany them? Cloee has built-in speakers for powerful sound and impressive bass that add an extra element to your guest’s videos.

party photo booth rental - music

This really makes the Cloee Ring Light an all-in-one party photo booth rental, allowing your guests to control every part of the experience. The only question that remains, is what songs are going to be the background to all your guests’ memories?

7. Don’t Compromise on the Elegance of Your Room

You put a lot of effort into making sure the room looks great and is the ideal setting for a party. If you’ve got a cumbersome photo booth with lots of wires running to it, then it tends to detract from the ambiance. 

With Cloee, that’s not a problem because it’s so portable, and because it can be run off a battery pack. 

That means you don’t have to worry about tripping over cables, or your photo booth taking up too much space. You just set it up and let the fun begin.


With so many benefits, the Cloee Ring Light photo booth is the must-have party photo booth rental to take your party to the next level. 

It not only offers incredible performance and engages your guests in different ways, but it also couldn’t be simpler. It’s so easy to set up, which means you can focus on all the other things you need to take care of, safe in the knowledge your guests are going to have hours of fun with Cloee. 

If you’re looking to enhance your party, then the Cloee Ring Light photo booth is the perfect option!

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