Here are some of our photo booth success stories from the month of September!

PBI Monthly September photo booth business september

Another month has gone by and we couldn’t be happier with all of the progress that we have been seeing with all of the PBI Family members.  As you know, our exclusive Facebook community has been popping from all of the activity that you guys have been up to.  We would like to highlight some of our favorite stories and photo booth success we noticed this month!

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Our Top Contributor This Month in the Facebook Group

Congrats To Zoraida C Alvarez For The Top #PBIfamily Contributor Of The Month Of September. Who Will Win This Month?

Zoraida is new to the PBI Family but she is doing well already with her business, Pics and Tales Photo Booth.  She is continuously gracing us with great news about her business inspiring new and old members alike.  We are happy to see her utilizing the group for help in her own business, and giving help to others.  We are happy to have you in our family, and wish you even more success with your photo booth business!

Pics and Tales Photo Booth Logo

Oh Snap, All Snap is Here! Congrats Guys on Your New Branding.

Photo Booth event

First Gigs with their New PBI Photo Booth Equipment

Thanks for sharing your first gigs guys!  We know that the first few gigs are a really exciting milestone.  It proves to us that this concept can really work.  Keep working hard and you can grow your business to be as big as you want.

Kristel and Michael Rogers had a great first gig this September.  Congrats guys!

Tharaneka Sparrow was also kind enough to share their first event with us as well!  We look forward to seeing the rest of your success to come!

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Eddy got his media kit prize from PBI raffle

Winner of Our Media Kit Prize Raffle!

EddyGee won our Media Kit Prize from our raffle.  Enjoy!

Make sure you sign up for all of our contests so you can be our next winner.  Find out about them in our Secret PBI Family Photo Booth Success Facebook Group!

September Big Wins


We like to acknowledge people when we see them making strides or having particularly big wins.  This month have have two.

First we saw Alejandra Charles head out for a 3 event night.  He was running 2 weddings and 1 quinceñera. That truck looks packed.

The other good thing we saw was that Brian Burns did $6100 worth of business.

We wish you all even greater success this month as you keep developing and growing your businesses!

Alejandra Charles 3 photobooths tonight 2 weddings and 1 quinceñera

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start a photo booth business

A photo booth is a great way to increase revenue or establish an alternative revenue stream for all types of existing businesses. If you run a restaurant, bar, hotel or nightclub, you already have a built-in audience that’s already paying for the privilege of a memorable experience or to help mark a momentous occasion. In addition to the food or drinks that you serve, a side photo booth business can enhance your offering and help you bring in more revenue with customers that are already there to have a good time and spend money.

But unless you have an existing angle, how to start a photo booth business is quite the conundrum. After all, if you don’t have an existing customer base or a location where people gather, it can seem like an impossible task to get a photo booth business off the ground without a home base. But what if we told you that you don’t need an existing business to start a photo booth business. Instead of increasing an existing offering, you can be the one to rent photo booths to businesses that have built-in audiences — or you can even work directly with event planners to add to the day’s festivities with a memorable and fun photo booth area.

What makes a photo booth business viable today is that with the proliferation of phones and a camera in everyone’s pocket, a modern photo booth gives users something they won’t get otherwise — a unique experience with friends or family and a keepsake of their time together: a print-out. With all the digital photos that are being taken on a daily basis, the photo has become a disposable digital artifact. But print-outs are rare and cherished, and it only takes a few minutes of observation to see how any gathering or crowd jumps at the chance for time in a modern photo booth.

Why start a photo booth business?

It’s estimated that 20 million events and meetings are held in the United States each year, producing almost $300 billion in spending and almost $70 billion in labor expenditures. Add in all the restaurants, bars, nightclubs and other places that encourage gatherings every single day and night of the week and you start to get the picture.

Furthermore, the event planning profession is on pace to grow a full 10% in just the next few years, which exceeds the average growth rate for other professions. That means there’s a lot of money heading into a space and not enough people currently in it to handle that growth. That could be you.

The best part is that a photo booth business goes well with just about everything else. Sure, venues and events can leverage a photo booth business to help provide more entertainment and fun for their guests, but so can many other types of businesses. Everything from offices that are trying to attract the best talent to photographers and DJs that want to separate themselves from the pack with additional entertainment offerings are all candidates for a photo booth rental or installation.

Since start-up costs are low, a photo booth business requires little money up front before you start generating an income. Operating costs are also low with modern technology that allows you to book and serve a client base with little more than an internet connection and a phone or computer. Each photo booth we sell fits easily in a modern car or truck, and our dedicated customer support has your back if you encounter any problems at all with your photo booth.

Go with the experts at Photo Booth International.

Here at Photo Booth International, we’ve sold thousands of photo booths to enterprising individuals that have created a photo booth business. Whether you’re looking for a side gig or you’re interested in running a full-time event rental and photo booth business, we’ll help you realize your dreams with the right equipment and the best prices available in the industry. With a small investment, you could be the owner of a bonafide photo booth business, and the only thing that’s left to do is to start making money.

PBI Mirror 2 Photo Booth

Are you looking for a fun attraction to draw customers to your business or event, be it a party, exhibition, fair, or any corporate or social gathering? The Mirror 2 photo booth is the simplest and most effective way to attract customers, young and old alike, whether you’re an entrepreneur, event planner, small business owner, or a photographer. 

No-one passes up a photo opportunity on any occasion or event, be it personal or business. It keeps the mood alive and helps attendees bond as they get together in twos or threes or larger groups – the more the merrier – and click pictures in memorable, silly poses. What’s more, it’s also a fun way to record precious moments for posterity and make memories last forever. 

But the Photo Booth International’s Mirror 2 photo booth is not just any photo booth – it’s a novel and fresh concept that goes way beyond the standard photo booth we’ve grown so accustomed to seeing in public places. Let’s just say the Mirror 2 booth is what you get when you multiply the fun factor of the regular photo booth by 100. Simply put, it is the heart of any party or event. But what is it exactly and what makes it so special? Let’s find out. 

Photo Booth Design

For starters, it boasts of a full size mirror that stands tall – at an impressive 55 or even 65 inch (upgraded version) height. The shiny, gleaming, BIG mirror is sure to catch attention at any party or event. 

As people are all glammed up at any event, quite understandably, they like to … and deserve to … catch a full-sized reflection of themselves – with the huge mirror photo booth what they get is not just a reflection but a stunning full length shot as the mirror hides the Canon T6, an exceptional quality camera that produces outstanding pictures. The images showcase the perfect light balance, clarity with a fine level of detail, and vivid colors across a wide range of venues and environments, making it perfect for any event.

Special Features

The best part is that the mirror photo booth possesses a touch-mirror surface that allows people to interact with it and explore the wide-ranging features and functionality, all of which are driven by cutting-edge technology and software … behind the scenes. The XL massive touchscreen display and the intuitive software interface lend a fun element that is designed to attract attention, which is the primary objective of a photo booth. In addition, the modern Darkroom Photo Booth software is powered by a beefy Intel i3 processor to further elevate its performance.

Portability and Ease of Use

It’s portable and easy to use so you can carry it to different venues with ease and set it up without any difficulties. Plus Photo Booth International provides industry leading training on how to use your new photo booth to make money. In addition, we offer outstanding customer support and services for your business venture at no additional cost.

Is the Mirror 2 Photo Booth Right for Your Event?

The mirror photo booth offers a distinct edge over regular photo booths in that it is strong yet elegant and extremely versatile. Its robust mirrored glass surface is made from an industrial strength tempered glass that eliminates the risk of breakage. At the same time, its gleaming and polished exterior is visually striking. It’s designed to provide the look and feel of a magic mirror. 

Its breathtaking aesthetic effect makes it the right fit for any glamorous set-up like weddings, showers, parties, and even corporate shows that demand a sleek and professional theme. Additionally, for any event or business that caters to children, investing in the magic mirror photo booth for sale is a lucrative idea as it adds an element of adventure and is a natural draw for children and teens of any age. 

Are you ready to take your event or business a notch higher? Learn more about Photo Booth International’s Mirror 2 photo booth.