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October News Article

October was a great month for us, and our members.  As always, we love seeing all of  you succeed.  It is also an amazing thing to see when you all help each-other out before the PBI staff can even get to answering your questions!  That is the true value of the PBI Family Facebook community, and we are thrilled to see you are using it.  In this article we are going to be sharing some of our favorites of what we saw posted in our Facebook community this month.  Thanks everyone for being so active!

Contributor of The Month Joshua Reid

PBI Contributing Member Of The Month Of October

Congrats To Josh Reid For The Top #PBIFamily Facebook community contributions for October.

Who Will Win the Prize for November?  

Josh won this months Top Contributor.  We congratulate our top contributor every month with a prize.  We do this because we think it is an awesome way to say thank you for being a member of the PBI Family, and for helping others so much.  Congratulations again to Joshua Reed!

PBI October Earnings

Top Earners for October:

Of those of you caught our post in the group and shared, these were our top 3 for the month of October.  Congratulations are in order for these individuals.  Thanks everyone for sharing your numbers!

  1.  Christopher Maldonado – $6100
  2. Brian Burns – $5700
  3. Michael Garone – $5600

Many more of you did very well in October and we are very proud of you.  Be sure to Subscribe to our YouTube Channel.  We share a ton of good info there that can make you more money with your business!

Our Sales Rep Darie Buys a Photo Booth!

Our Sales Rep Darie Buys a Photo Booth

We are very happy to announce that one of our beloved employees here at Photo Booth International has bought her very own photo booth!  It is a testimony to the amazing progress she sees happening with the members of our PBI family.  We wish her, and the rest of our #PBIFamily the best of success.

Halloween Was a Success!

Kristel Rodgers‎ Awesome Halloween Bash

Holidays are always a great time to run promotions and get the word out to remind prospects that their parties need a photo booth.  If you aren’t reaching out to your former customers with short emails, you are missing bookings.  Sometimes people need to be reminded that having a photo booth at their Christmas party is an option…  and a particularly good option with a special “Holiday Season Special.”

Have you been thinking of expanding your business?

Mirror Booth 3

About Josh Pather

Josh Pather is a Photo Booth Business Expert who has been in the Photo Booth Business for over 10 years. Josh started out renting photo booths in 2012 and has since made millions of dollars renting photo booths to all
kinds of events. Nowadays Josh teaches 1000s of people around the world how to start a successful photo booth rental business.