PBI Monthly – August

At Photo Booth International, we are always looking for ways to better serve our PBI Family.  That is why we do these monthly updates to highlight some of the successes we are seeing in our community.  If you didn’t post this month, we would love to hear your photo booth success story.  We do this because we are very proud of the work you are all doing in serving up fun at events, and we want to help motivate people who are just starting out.  Thank you to everyone who shared their photos in the month of August, with #PBIWINS and #SETUPSATURDAY posts.  

We were joined yesterday by Zoraida who came in for the PBI Experience, welcome to PBIfamily Zoraida

Welcome to the Family

We would like to start this month’s update off by welcoming all of our new members to the family.  We are grateful to have you here, and can’t wait to see you start to have success stories with your new businesses.  If you have any questions, or need any support, be sure to reach out to our very active Facebook Community.

One new member we are keeping an eye on is making a smash.  Zoraida Alvarez has gone all in.  She just spent a day with us here at PBI HQ for the PBI Experience.  We went over her business with her, and got to know her.  She will make a great addition to our amazing PBI Family.  Here is a picture of her with PBI’s gracious CEO Josh Pather.

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Photo Booth Campers!  Oh My!

We loved seeing these campers from PBI Family members Jessica Morgan, and Connie Phillips.  They are looking great guys.  We also like the idea that driving one of these around is like having a free billboard.  Make sure you have your phone number and business info prominently displayed somewhere on these campers so people in traffic can see how to get a hold of you!

Beautiful Branding Can Distinguish Your Business from the Rest

Jessica Santos Ventured across the border to Wyoming for this one.

Another great photo booth success story. 

Jessica Santos’ business is always catching our eye here at PBI.  She has a certain style and eye for detail with her branding that delivers an extra sense of magic when they book her business.  She joined our family a little over a year ago and is already making waves.  You can check out her business at capturemecophotobooth.com.

We also did an interview with Jessica back in June where she shared some of her great advice for new photo booth entrepreneurs.  You can see that video by clicking here!  

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New Photo Booth Models!

We are proud to announce our two latest photo booth models, the PBI Mirror 3, and Astro Mirro Booth.

First lets talk about the Mirror 3.  It is the latest in our lineup of Mirror models.  It is designed to stand out from the crowd and really let your business shine.  People are amazed by the looks of this booth, and get excited to use it.

Find out more about the Mirror 3 by clicking here!

The Astro Booth has an awesome looking Neon Band around it that grabs attention.  Designed with portability in mind, it is great for new and expanding business owners that need something reliable and easy to get around.

Find out more about the Astro Mirror Booth Here!

We want to hear your photo booth success story!
We want to give a shoutout to everyone who keeps helping us out and is active in the community.  It really provides a lot of value when you guys help each other out, and it is something that is truly beautiful to see.  A couple of people who we haven’t mentioned yet are Eddy Gee and Edward Anguiano.  These guys are always so active and helpful to our members that we want to give them a special shout out.

Also to everyone else who shares their photos on our #SETUPSATURDAY and #PBIWINS posts we want to thank you too.  It is your sharing that helps to motivate our new members to find more success in their businesses.  It is an awesome thing that you do and it inspires the rest of us.  Thank you for your contributions.  Now let’s get back to work and make sure that the rest of September is even more solid than August was!

Invest In Your Business.  Invest In Your Success.  Grow your business, and finance a new booth today!

Find out more details about our financing program.