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The PBI Prime Photo Booth

The Prime Photo Booth is perfect for events where you want to draw attention. This is achieved not only by its unique design, but by the mesmerizing LED light show it puts on. This booth sets itself apart from the pack with beautiful features that will attract all ages and demographics.

When patrons use this unit they will be amazed at how great they look through the DSLR High Definition camera and professional lighting. The booth is compact and perfect for tossing in your car and you’ll love the easy 10-minute tool-free set up. It utilizes the latest in technology including a touchscreen interface, professional Microsoft Surface Pro computer, and premium photo booth software that makes it easy for users to create memories and take that perfect new profile picture. It’s a compact, brilliantly designed booth that we know you and your clients will love.

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What is an Open Air Photo Booth?

As the name suggests, an open air photo booth is one that has no enclosures. As opposed to a regular photo booth that has a “closed” booth environment, an open air photo booth is not confined to a “closed” space. And therein lies its distinct advantage. It has a photo booth kiosk with or without a background stand, which can be as close or as far away from the kiosk as you want!

Fits Compact Spaces

The open air photo booth has risen in popularity in recent years thanks to its multifarious benefits. With no enclosure, it has a smaller footprint or “eased up” space needs, meaning it can fit in smaller, narrower spaces unlike a closed photo booth, which requires more room to set up.

Many corporate events and trade shows besides social events are held in venues that have space restrictions, which the open air photo booth can easily adapt to. It can fit in the most compact spaces, which increases its versatility and expands its possibility of use to a variety of events and venues.

Accommodates More People

Another benefit of having no enclosure is it can easily accommodate larger groups of people. Guests prefer taking group shots rather than individual portraits to memorialize their moments together, making the open air photo booth a popular attraction in all types of events, be it corporate or private.

Allows You to Set Your Own Background

The option of choosing your own background offers many possibilities for the event host. Corporate clients can use the option to increase brand visibility by incorporating the company logo, tagline, and successes. For private events too, such as weddings or birthdays, hosts can select a stunning themed backdrop or create one with fun collages from their private photo archives – which serves as good memories for guests. Or they can opt for no background or simply use the given one!

Captures Full-Length Portraits

With an adjustable distance between the camera and background stand, it’s possible to set it far enough to capture full-length images – another merit that sets apart the open air photo booth from closed booth options.

What Makes the PBI Prime Photo Booth Special?

Everything from the easy set-up and the stunning LED lights to the advanced technology and lifetime tech support is designed to not only attract guests but also enable businesses like you to easily set up the photo booth and generate income in a smooth and hassle-free manner for many years to come. Take a look below at the advanced features of our open air photo booths for sale:

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The DSLR PBI Prime Photo Booth

LOOK AT ME! – The multi-colored LED lights contained in the PBI Prime Photo Booth really make a huge difference when it comes to attracting eyeballs, and forming lines.  It causes people to say, “What is that?” and that is really all it takes before they are smiling for their photo.

Easy Set-Up and Break-Down – The PBI Prime is designed with the entrepreneur in mind and anyone who wants a booth that sets up in minutes, with no tools required. The booth breaks down into 6 lightweight components, so you won’t be clunking around heavy or bulky items to set it up.

Industry Leading Technology – Everything in this unit is designed to give you the edge above your competition, from the vivid DSLR camera to the backlight, electronic components, and software. The PC we include to power this device, your business, and your clients’ business, is custom made to withstand longterm use.

Designed to Last – All of our booths at Photo Booth International are designed to last you for the long haul, providing you with many years of income.  We know that your business is your life-blood and we want to ensure that you have never-ending success for as many years as you decide to be in the industry.  We have insane quality control, and durability standards that our design engineers must comply with to bring you only the best products, both with a premium experience for the customer, and for the longevity of the unit itself.

PBI Advantage   – At PBI we care deeply about your success. That is why we focus on training to make sure you earn a great income with our devices as much as we focus on designing the best products on the market. We know that your success equals our success, because as you get more successful you will begin to scale your business, and as you scale your business, you will buy more photo booths from us. It is truly win-win. That is why we deliver the industry’s best training through PBI University to all our customers to make sure that you are always up to date with the best strategies and tactics that can earn you a fortune in the photo booth industry. We are also very active in this industry ourselves with our own businesses, and evolving our techniques with the trends that keep the PBI family up to date. You also get access to our Facebook group filled with hundreds of your peers who are already making a killing with PBI and will help you to do the same!

No-Risk 1 Year Warranty –All PBI open air photo booths for sale are backed by our unrivaled 1-year PBI warranty and LIFETIME USA customer service. If we are unable to fix your photo booth, we will ship you a replacement at no cost to you. This is just one more benefit of being in the PBI family.

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Full PBI Prime Photo Booth Specifications

  • 12-Inch Touch Screen Custom
  • PBI X Computer
  • Attractive Photo Booth LED Lights
  • DSLR Camera
  • Professional Flash
  • Professional Microsoft Surface Pro computer with Windows 10
  • Professional Photo Booth Software (Darkroom)
  • Wireless Keyboard
  • Professional Printer with Starter Kit Of Ink & Paper
  • Member Area Access
  • LifeTime Tech Support 

What Makes Open Air Photo Booths Better?

Open air photo booths are way more enjoyable than closed booths. Period.

But what really makes them tick? The high fun and functionality quotients of open air booths can be credited to multiple aspects. First thing first, open air photo booths have a smaller footprint, making them ideal for a variety of spaces including tight corners. And here’s the fun part. The open air photo booth can easily capture large groups of guests without anyone having to miss the precious group shot, unlike closed booths which are able to fit only small groups.

What’s more, users can also take full length pictures of themselves. It’s a huge plus at weddings, Halloween parties, costume events, birthday parties, or any event for which guests put in a tremendous amount of effort to dress up (true for practically any event!).

Open air photo booths also offer versatility in terms of the choice of background. They can be set up impromptu against any backdrop, and as far or as near from it, as desired. Have a gorgeous flower background for a wedding or perhaps a themed one for a fundraiser or kids’ event? Depending on the set up at the venue, you can decide the most fitting location for your open air booth.

What Camera is used for the Prime Photo Booth?

The Prime Photo Booth is equipped with a high definition DSLR camera that offers a stunning amount of clarity and detail. Combined with a professional lighting effect offered by LED lights, the DSLR photo booth can take absolutely breathtaking pictures. It’s sure to wow crowds across all ages. Be it a formal or private event, it is designed to take extraordinary pictures.

Moreover the DSLR Photo Booth utilizes the latest tech elements including a touch-screen interface and premium photo booth software that are highly intuitive, offering outstanding ease of use. Even guests who are not technologically well-versed will be able to use it!

Silver Photo Booth Business Package


  • Any Portable Photo Booth of your choice (Mirrors Not Included)
  • 2 year warranty included ($995 Value)
  • Pick 2 of The Following 5 Options:
    • 6 months of Photo Booth Business Coaching ($1,000 Value)
    • Business Logo ($1,000 Value)
    • 250 business cards ($100 Value)
    • Mermaid Backdrop ($299 Value)
    • 1 Set of King props ($64.99 Value)

Gold Photo Booth Business Package


  • Mirror 2 55, Mirror 2 65 or Miami Photo Booth 
  • 2 year warranty included ($995 Value)
  • Pick 3 of The Following 8 Options:
    • 6 months of Photo Booth Business Coaching coaching ($1,000 Value)
    • Business Logo ($1,000 Value)
    • 500 business cards ($200 Value)
    • Mermaid Backdrop ($299 Value)
    • 1 Set of King props ($64.99 Value)
    • 1 Red Carpet ($200 Value)
    • Set of Gold Stanchions And Red Rope ($300 Value)
    • Business Website Setup ($600 Value)

Diamond Photo Booth Business Package


  • Any Photo Booth We Offer
  • 3 year warranty included ($1495 Value)
  • Pick 5 of The Following 10 Options:
    • 6 months of Photo Booth Business Coaching coaching ($1,000 Value)
    • Business Logo ($1,000 Value)
    • 500 business cards ($200 Value)
    • Mermaid Backdrop ($299 Value)
    • 1 Set of King props ($64.99 Value)
    • 1 Red Carpet ($200 Value)
    • Set of Gold Stanchions And Red Rope ($300 Value)
    • Business Website Setup ($600 Value)
    • Facebook Ads Setup ($1000 Value)
    • 45Min Strategy Call With Cristian ($700 Value)


booth 3

Darkroom Booth 3 gives you the power to add new output options, connect your customers to social media in real time, and provide you with tools to more effectively manage your booth.

  • Hashtag Printing from a Kiosk with Custom Template
  • Post GIFs and Videos to Facebook
  • Print Signing
  • Type-a-Note on Prints
  • Multi Monitor Support
  • Send Snapchat, Twitter and Instagram Ready Files
  • Custom Booth Lock Screens
  • Built in Support for Bill Acceptors
  • Booth Photo Book PDF Output
  • Simple Boomerang GIF Setup
  • Post VR 180 and 360 Images to Facebook
  • Auto Prompt Text Entry
  • Include Survey/Quiz Entries in Print Templates
  • Add Custom Template to Facebook Posts
  • Auto Image Cropping
  • Auto Head Placement
  • Burst Mode/Boomerang with Chroma-key Support
  • Full Support for Panoramic Sizes on DNP DS620 and 820 Printers
  • Custom Keyboard/Prompt Placement
  • and more to come!

the most cutting edge features

Photo Booth International Is Partnered With Darkroom Booth The Industry Leader In Photo Booth Software For Over 10 Years.

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I bought my first photo booth from them and the experience was great from beginning to end.

Even after the purchase they still keep in touch to help get your business established.

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Since Day 1 of contacting PBI, I’ve got nothing less than Professionalism, Understanding, and Friendly Customer Service From PBI. A company that stocks a wide range of Photo Booths that suits your demand. their Efficient staff is always ready to assist and respond to you’re questions and concerns.

With some of the best prices and a wide range of Photo Booth, it’s easy for anyone that’s looking to start a Photo Booth company.

Jessica Santos
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This company is awesome. I searched for the best photo booth manufacturer and PBINT WON! Josh is easy to work with and the online tools he has set up for all his buyers are so helpful. I had the pleasure to meet Josh at an Expo and in person, he is just as awesome. Everyone at PBINT is easy to work with. I recently had to reach back out to Josh about my travel case for one of my booths. Nothing wrong with the case but I’m just 5 ft 1 and not as strong as I thought I was, the case ended up exceeding my lifting ability. I told him what I was looking for and he went to work on it. I’m getting a custom case made that I’ll be able to lift and move with ease. This company has my continued business as they always go above the expected.

Picture Quality


Photo Booth International knows that a camera either makes or breaks your photo booth. That is why we only install cameras that we have tested and used ourselves. The cameras that we include in your full photo booth packages are easy to use yet pack a punch. The end result is a crisp and beautiful image that your guests will cherish for a lifetime.

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