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Are you considering buying a Photo Booth?  Our Photo Booths are shown below.  You will find a list of Our Photo Booths for sale by Photo Booth International. Each of Our Photo Booths come with a one year warranty and Lifetime American Tech Support.  All of Our Photo Booths are hand made in Dallas Texas and are quality tested multiple times before we ship it out. Our cutting edge exclusive designs are sure to set your business apart from the competition. Combine these cutting edge photo booths for sale, with our first class service and access to our member area and that’s a sure recipe for success.  These are the best photo booths to purchase.  We believe we have the best portable photo booths for sale right here at Photo Booth International.

How Our Photo Booths Will Change Your Life

Whether you want to market yourself as a photo booth business or a business that offers photo booths as a service, our booths are going to be the perfect investment for your success. We provide high-quality photo booths for sale that will give you that extra spark you have been missing. 


Here are a few reasons why purchasing a photo booth will help benefit you and your business:


Stand Out in a Crowd

When it comes to events, everyone wants something unique and different. By purchasing one of our photo booths, you will help yourself stand apart from the rest of the crowd as someone who can provide a unique, fun party perk that others won’t be able to provide. You will find yourself becoming more sought after for parties and events when you buy a photo booth from Photo Booth International! 


Increase Your Fun Factor

In a world where everyone craves something new and exciting, you want to be able to give your clients what they want. Say goodbye to “routine” and “boring” and increase your fun factor by providing a photo booth. Whether the photo booth is your primary business or you are a wedding photographer trying to improve your marketability, an investment in a photo booth will bring in new clientele. 


Organically Grow Your Business

When your current clients learn how much fun your photo booth is, they will advertise either via social media or word-of-mouth. Either way, you are going to organically grow your business without having to pay extra into advertising. Everyone loves something as quirky and fun as a photo booth, so it will not take long for your name to spread. Also, get creative and think of a snappy hashtag for your photo booth. Encourage your customers to share their photo booth pictures online using your hashtag. You will instantly become a social media phenomenon without having to try!


Who Can Benefit from Our Photo Booths?


Small-business owners



Event Planners


The PBI Family Advantage

We want you to know that when you purchase a photo booth from us that we are committed to your success.  You are not only buying a photo booth, you are purchasing a real turn-key business that will change your life. Only through PBI can you get access to the complimentary PBI University training that will give you the skillset you need to crush it in this business.  Also, our members find a tremendous amount of value in their lifetime access to our secret Facebook Community where PBI members share what is working, help each other through challenges, and even formulate new ideas and strategies.  We also have an industry-leading customer support program so that you can focus more on your business, and reaching your goals.

We design and build each of our booths to stand the test of time, and to generate you MONEY for many years.  

Enjoy browsing our models below, and if you need help choosing which one is best for you, feel free to give us a call toll-free at

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