360 Photo Booth For Sale


360 Photo Booth

Our 360 photo booth is an innovative photo booth that is truly out of the ordinary. It spins and rotates, promising guests an out of the world experience. In terms of both technological marvel and event popularity, the 360 photo booth is a breakthrough product that compares to no other.

Gives Guests 360 Degrees of Non-Stop Fun

As the name suggests, the 360 photo booth can rotate at 360 degrees, guaranteeing 360 degrees of non-stop, photo capturing fun! It stuns and wows audiences, quickly becoming the center of attraction at any type of event. 

As they pose and preen in front of this revolutionary spinning photo booth, guests are unable to stop. It allows them to do what regular photo booths cannot. They can move, dance, spin, and even throw props into the air as the spinning photo booth captures all their movements with lightning speed! All guests have to do is get in front of it, wait for the camera to start rotating, and then just get into action. 

Rotating Camera and Built-In Speakers Double the Entertainment Value

Our 360 photo booth for sale comes equipped with a rotating high-def camera, built-in speakers, touch screen, computer, and installed ready-to-use software. The rotating camera and speakers no doubt double the entertainment value. What’s more, it can even capture guests along with the awesome surroundings such as, theme decorations and grand floral arrangements.

Be it personal events such as weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, bridal showers, or quinceaneras, or even corporate trade shows or product launches, the rotating photo booth can make your event a smash hit. It will have your clients queuing up to book them for their next event.

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