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PBI Pay™ | Photo Booth Credit Card Terminal

Photo Booth International is proud to bring you PBI Pay™ a new cutting edge credit card terminal that will allow you to accept Credit, Debit cards along with Apple and Samsung pay. This device is currently tested to work with Social Booth and more photo booth software will be coming soon. 

The cost of the device is $695 this includes all the hardware necessary to simply plug and play via USB connection.

Processing fees are 4.5% and you can set your terminal to charge a fixed amount each swipe. The most common rates businesses charge to customers are $3 or $5 per 4×6 photo or 2 2×6 strips.

There is a secure 3g connection that comes built into the hardware that is used to process all credit card securely this connection fee is $7/month. (this connection is mandatory in order for the device to work)

The Terminal only works with Social Booth Professional Software.

For questions about this product please email our support team.