Photo Booth International Mentoring Programs

Photo Booth International’s worlds class service extends far beyond just tech support and online training. Our founder Josh Pather offers our clients several coaching programs to help grow their business.

Imagine having a millionaire mentor who has already been on the journey you are about to start and has succeeded! Josh’s mentoring has already helped 100s of people take their business to the next level.

josh pather tai lopez photo booth business

He is a firm believer in investing in your self and learning from the mistakes of others. Josh spends over 50K a year on personal development for himself and his team and the results speak for themselves having generated over 5million dollars of revenue before the age of 29 Josh is someone you want in your corner coaching you to success.

In 2018 Josh was chosen by Tai Lopez to teach thousands of students on how to start a photo booth business. Don’t miss your opportunity to join one of Josh’s programs as prices do rise as more people join and more success stories are created.