Sample Photos – Photo Booth International

The following are sample photos taken from our Booths.

These photos are provided as an example of what has been successful. The pictures need to be fun and create an atmosphere that will be remembered forever.

Many people think they will improve their photography by buying a spiffy new camera. In photography, technique is more important than equipment. In addition, taking good pictures is something anyone can do with any camera, if you practice enough and avoid some common mistakes.

Read the camera’s manual. Learn what each control, switch, button, and menu item does. Learn the basic actions, such as using the flash (on, off, and auto), zooming in and out, and using the shutter button. Some cameras come with a printed beginner’s manual, but also offer a free larger manual on the manufacturer’s website. However, taking sample photos will improve your ability and bring your customers a quality product.

Set the camera’s resolution to take high quality photos at the highest resolution possible. Remember to practice taking Sample Photos to get better and better.