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Are you considering buying a Photo Booth? Our Photo Booths are shown below. You will find a list of each Photo Booth for sale by Photo Booth International.

Each of Our Photo Booths come with a one year warranty and Lifetime American Tech Support. All of Our Photo Booths are hand made in Dallas Texas and are quality tested multiple times before we ship it out.

Our cutting edge exclusive designs are sure to set your business apart from the competition. Combine a cutting edge photo booth for sale with our first-class service and access to our member area. With all that, you have a sure recipe for success.

These are the best photo booths to purchase. We believe we have the best portable photo booth for sale right here at Photo Booth International.

How Our Photo Booths Will Change Your Life

Whether you want to market yourself as a photo booth business or a business that offers photo booths as a service, our booths are going to be the perfect investment for your success. We provide a high-quality photo booth for sale that will give you that extra spark you have been missing.

Here are a few reasons why purchasing a photo booth will help benefit you and your business:

Stand Out in a Crowd

When it comes to events, everyone wants something unique and different. By purchasing one of our photo booths, you will help yourself stand apart from the rest of the crowd. You are now someone who can provide a unique, fun party perk that others won’t be able to provide. You will find yourself becoming more sought after for parties and events when you buy a photo booth from Photo Booth International!

Increase Your Fun Factor

In a world where everyone craves something new and exciting, you want to be able to give your clients what they want. Say goodbye to “routine” and “boring” and increase your fun factor by providing a photo booth.

If the photo booth is your primary business, an investment in a photo booth will bring in new clientele. And if you are a wedding photographer trying to improve your marketability, this is it. A photo booth for sale is a great boost to your offerings.

Organically Grow Your Business

When your current clients learn how much fun your photo booth is, they will advertise either via social media or word-of-mouth. Either way, you are going to organically grow your business without having to pay extra for advertising. Everyone loves something as quirky and fun as a photo booth, so it will not take long for your name to spread.

Also, get creative and think of a snappy hashtag for your photo booth. Encourage your customers to share their photo booth pictures online using your hashtag. You will instantly become a social media phenomenon without having to try!

Who Can Benefit from A PBI Photo Booth for Sale?


Small-business owners



Event Planners


The PBI Family Advantage

We want you to know that when you purchase a photo booth from us that we are committed to your success. You are not only buying a photo booth, you are purchasing a real turn-key business that will change your life. Only through PBI can you get access to the complimentary PBI University training. This unique service will give you the skillset you need to crush it in this business.

Also, our members find a tremendous amount of value in their lifetime access to our secret Facebook Community. PBI members share what is working, help each other through challenges, and even formulate new ideas and strategies. We also have an industry-leading customer support program so that you can focus more on your business, and reaching your goals.

We design and build each of our booths to stand the test of time, and to generate you MONEY for many years.

Enjoy browsing our models below. If you need help choosing which one is best for you, feel free to give us a call toll-free. Our customer care team is ready to help you identify the best photo booth for sale for your new business.

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Social media for photo booth business


A NEW Wave Of Photo Booths Have Arrived Introducing The Cloee Ring Light Photo Booth 

An All-Inclusive Booth Perfect For Home Or Business Use. 

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checo photo booths

Photo Booth International is second to none the service and quality of their product are top notch. 

Jesus ChecoCheco Photo Booths
photo booth business profits

The Astro Mirror Photo Booth Has Arrived At Photo Booth International®

INTRODUCING! The New 2020 Model – Set Yout Self Apart With This New Revolutionary Design By Photo Booth International® 

Don’t miss this opportunity To Be The First Person In Your City With This This Photo Booth.

Photo Booth For Sale Now!

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make money proof
Astro mirror photo booth at quinceanera


PBI Mirror 3 Photo Booth


The PBI Mirror 3 Photo Booth Has Arrived At Photo Booth International®

INTRODUCING! The New 2023 Model – Set Your Self Apart With This Revolutionary Design By Photo Booth International® We have the best photo booths for sale, period!

Don’t miss this opportunity To Be The First Person In Your City With This Photo Booth. 

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photo booth business tipsProof 1

Check Out The Miami Mobile Photo Booth At Photo Booth International® A New Lighter Mirror Photo Booth That Is Simply Amazing With Built In Flashes You Can Guarantee To Always Have The Best Lighting for Your Guests.

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photo booth business tipsProof 5
Miami Mobile photo booth set up among props at an event
start your own photo booth business

Starting at $9,500.00

The Magic Mirror 2 Photo Booth Is One Of The Most Recognized Photo Booths In The World – Its Unique Gold Frame Adds An Energizing Touch To Any Event.  

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Oval Mirror Photo Booth Has Arrived At Photo Booth International®

INTRODUCING! The New 2019 Model – Set Yout Self Apart With This Revolutionary Design By Photo Booth International® 

Don’t miss this opportunity To Be The First Person In Your City With This This Photo Booth. 

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Oval Mirror Photo Booth

Starting at $8995.00

Prime XL

The Fusion Photo Booth Is A Mix Of The Best Parts Of PBI’s Lineup.

This makes it one of the best photo booths to purchase.

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Financing from $199/month

How much does it cost to make a photo booth?

To build a high-end photo booth that will be functional in today's market it will cost you around $3000 - $4000

Do photo booths make money?

Yes, photo booths are very profitable since their are very little costs after you purchase a photo booth.

FAQ on Finding Photo Booths for Sale

Starting your photo booth business may come with a lower cost-to-entry than you might think. To build a high-end photo booth shell that will be functional in today’s market it will cost you around $3000 – $4000. However, the more complex the photo booth for sale, the higher the potential cost.

Yes, photo booths are very profitable since there are very few costs after you purchase a photo booth. When purchasing a photo booth for sale, you are investing in your business’s low overhead future.

Photo booths for sale are great for countless kinds of events. Whether you specialize or like to vary your gigs, a photo booth can be perfect for:

  • Corporate events
  • Weddings
  • Bridal showers
  • Baby showers
  • Bar and bat mitzvahs
  • Holiday events

Your photo booth rental business is only as broad as your creativity. So get creative and purchase an iPad photo booth for sale from PBI.

Yes, most successful photo booth businesses are more than just a camera and a backdrop. Offer your photo booth guests a touch of whimsy with some custom-crafted props to help sell the mood. The good news is: PBI can help you with all of your craft needs as well!

In truth, our clients do both. And we have seen successful business models uilt with a PBI photo booth for sale in both scenarios. Rather than offer business advice, all we can say is to follow your gut with the business model that feels most you.

Our photo booth software is second to none. We have years of experience in the photo booth industry and know what works (and what doesn’t) for our clients. With PBI-backed photo booths, you are getting the best of the best.

client testimonials

Rickey Fowler
– Verified Google Review

Great company to be apart of, it is truly a family of great people wanting and helping each other to be great. 6 months part time I’ve earned 4k, with only 5 events in the books so far.

Comet Photos
– Verified Google Review

We our a proud member of the #PBIFamily a great company to do business with and the quality of their builds is amazing. We have made over $10,000 since we started early this year.

Stacey Whitley
– Verified Google Review

I bought my first photo booth from them and the experience was great from beginning to end.

Even after the purchase they still keep in touch to help get your business established.

Frank Mancuso
– Verified Google Review

Photo booth int is the best. They provide the best customer service and support in the industry. I had checked around with many other companies but PBI stood out and I chose them to start my journey with. They have not let me down and have always come thru for me. Thanks, Josh and crew.

Maribel Gomez
– Verified Google Review

I got my photo booth back in May through photo booth international. They were great everything went smoothly they got everything I needed. They have helped me out since the beginning not just with my photo booth but also getting my business started. They have given me tips and pointers on everything I need.

Geana Hayes
– Verified Google Review

I flew all the way from Tampa Florida to see PBI in person. I could not come during the week so Josh offered to meet with me and my husband on a Sunday! Not only that, he drove us to our hotel after we met with him! This company is amazing! I purchased the LED booth and LOVE it! Their customer service team is outstanding! They really want to see their clients succeed. Great company!

Prime Photo Booth
Prime Photo Booth Black

LED Photo booth

The Prime Photo Booth is an amazing compact booth. Equipped with the latest technology and beautiful LED lights is ready to wow guests at any event.

Our favorite feature of The Prime is the ability to break down into six pieces and sets ups without any tools. The Prime Booth sets up quickly and clean in about 10minutes.

LED photo booth for sale

LED Prime Photo Booth

If the president would have a booth it would be this one. The new LED booth is definitely a head turner, Neck breaker, OMGEE. This is the one you want to get in your arsenal of Photo Booths.
The LED Booth is a step forward in innovation and design.

ipad kiosk

iPad Kiosk

The iPad Kiosk is a great social media Photo Booth that works well for retail locations.  Everybody is always blown away with the sleek design and multi colored LED lights built in.

What you get:
Works With IPad Pro 9.7 & 12.9 – Click Here For Specs

hashtag printer aluminum

Hashtag Print Station


Our New Hashtag Print Station Is Here.
Our Print Station Includes:

DNP-RX-1 HS Printer • Industry-Leading Hashtag Software • Mini Computer with a 500GB HDD and 4GB RAM • 22-Inch Touch Screen • 7 Color-Changing LED Light • Lifetime Tech Support + Consultation

circle enclosure 1

Circle Enclosure 

Our Circle Enclosure comes with :

Aluminum Frame • Polyester Fabric Covering • Oxford Carry Bag

Around 8ft in Diameter and 8ft tall • Add Custom Printing (+$400 for Single Side• +$600 for Double Side)

PBI12 Photo Booth

Pbi12 Photo Booth

Here is a medium size Photo Booth you been looking for!

Made is USA Aircraft Grade Aluminum • Paint is done with heavy duty pearl white powder coat • Total weight without equipment 35lbs • Lightweight with portable design so that you can carry it anywhere you want.

PBI11 Photo Booth

Pbi11 Portable Photo Booth

Sleek & Sophisticated In One Package  In this fast-paced entertainment business we live in, styles and needs can change dramatically. More venues strive to have new an exciting products to fit in tighter areas.

PBi11 Shell: 13″x 14″x 7″. Screen Cut-out: 9-3/8″ x 6″
Base Plate: 15″ x 21″ with 6″ x1-1/2″ – slot hole for transportation handle.

social media kiosk photo booth

2.0 Social Kiosk

The Photo Booth International Kiosks are sleek units that can be moved easily from one location to another.

The Photo Booth International Kiosks take sharp and crisp pictures.
Once the photo is taken, it can be forwarded to Email or Facebook addresses.

3.0 Social Kiosk

3.0 Social Kiosk

Our Social Kiosk are about 5 feet High. Very Easy To Brand.  The are about 18 Inches Wide and weigh about 49 pounds.
They are Very Sleek And Stylish!

These units are great for event rentals and also work perfectly at in
Restaurants, Bars, Clubs, Hotels, Casinos, Much More.

Our Photo Booths

Model A
Photo Booth

Our revolutionary full package will keep your clients happy and your pockets full. After renting photo booths for over 3 years, we’ve perfected the full package and now have it for sale to the public.

trio portable photo booth

Trio Portable Photo Booth

The most portable, rugged booth yet. Hand made in Dallas Texas. Fits in any car with EASE.  22″ Touch Screen • Breaks down into 3 pieces • 500GB Computer with 8GB Ram • Dnp RX1 Print or Your Choice Of Printer • Storage On Bottom • Led Lights

mini photo booth

The Mini Photo Booth

When you take an industry-leading design and shrink it down 30%, there is bound to be several things lost with such a compact product, right? That’s not the case with our Mini Booth. It’s everything you love about our Model A  in a slimmer and more lightweight design.

It can fit in almost any car while still being just as sturdy as the original Model A.

do it yourself photo booth

Do It Yourself Booth

If Do-It-Yourself is your specialty or if you simply want to add your existing equipment to our stunning Model A Shell, this product will certainly satisfy your needs. Our Do it yourself Photo Booth Shell can support up to a 22″ screen and can be easily customized to truly make it your own.

Add your own colors, dazzle clients with LED lights, and use a camera you’re accustomed to.

Mirror Booth (web)

The 32″ Mirror Booth

A Selfie Photo Booth!

HD Webcam or DSLR • 32″ Touch Screen • 500GB Computer With 8GB Ram • DNP RX1 Professional Printer • Social Booth, Sparkbooth or Darkroom • 1 Year warranty • Wireless Keyboard • Lighting

Mirror Booth (web)

The 42″ Mirror Booth

A Selfie Photo Booth!

HD Webcam or DSLR • 42″ Touch Screen • 500GB Computer With 8GB Ram • DNP RX1 Professional Printer • Social Booth, Sparkbooth or Darkroom • 1 Year warranty • Wireless Keyboard • Lighting

Software Features

Social Booth

social booth software

Photo Booth Software, Social Media + More

Social Booth photo booth software for Windows supports Canon DSLR, Powershot & Webcam, with Photos, Videos, Slow Motion, Filters, Green Screen Removal, Animated GIFs, Printing and Social Media uploads, right at the booth. Look no further for the most advanced photo booth software on the market.

  • Supports Canon DSLR*, Canon Powershot* & Webcam all in one program.
  • Share via Email, Facebook, Twitter, SMS, Pinterest, Smugmug & FTP.
  • Takes Photos, Video & now Slow Motion Video!
  • Built in green screen removal.
  • Filters – Color, B&W, Sepia & Vintage, Cartoon, Sketch, Warhol & more.
  • Animated GIF Photo Booth with Animated Overlays & Backgrounds.
  • Built in Surveys and Data Collection.
  • Customizable screens and Templates.
  • Video Host capability.
  • Face Morphing.
  • Light Painting.
  • Marryoke, Lip Sync, Dubsmash capable.
  • Contest & Coupon Modes for raffles and give-aways.
  • Integration for credit cards and money collection.
  • Photo Booth Cloud support.

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Financing from $199/month

Darkroom Booth

drs logo for facebook default
photo booth sales

Darkroom Booth Software

  • Supports Nikon DSLR, Canon DSLR, Webcam & Go Pro all in one program
  • Print to any printer
  • Booth StatsTM – mail or text statistics and reports from your booth
  • Booth ControlTM – control and monitor your booth with your phone
  • Booth ShareTM – built in social kiosk mode for sharing photos
  • Built in and superior green screen drop out capability
  • Slow Motion Video using Canon DSLR or GoPro
  • Video booth mode
  • Voice prompts
  • Attract video or video host capability
  • Animated GIF with Animated Overlays & Backgrounds
  • Visual editing capability for Screen and Print Templates
  • Lots of templates included; customize or create your own
  • Additional editable templates available from Darkroom Templates
  • Touchscreen, Keyboard and USB Button enabled
  • Built in Surveys and Data Collection
  • Light Painting
  • Slideshow, video or gif in slideshow, Instagram slideshow
  • Phidget and coin-op support
  • Take / Retake photo feature, 2×6 / 4×6 choice, photo confirmation

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Financing from $299/month
sparkbooth icon


Simple and easy to use photo booth software!

Fun for everyone. Social media and print enabled.

  • Easy To Use
  • Custom Photo Layouts
  • Facebook Twitter Email + Text Uploads
  • Custom Premade Themes
  • Touchscreen
  • Green Screen
  • Voice Prompts
  • Collect Facebook + Twitter Follows
  • Build In Layout Editor
  • Mailchimp Intergration

Looking For Financing?  Get Approved Today!

Financing from $399/month

Start Your Photo Booth

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3 ways to booth your photo booth business

Three Ways To Boost Your Photo Booth Business

Update: August 2016 - Check out our new series: A Guide to Success: Photo Booth Start-Up A series on Starting a Photo Booth Business Like anything in life, the key to starting and maintaining a successful business begins with hard work…

we have helped 1000’s of people change their future!

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