Photo Booth International Mentoring Program

The One on one mentoring program is a feature offered by Photo Booth International to ensure that our customers do not have any difficulties  in mastering the operations of the Photo Booth.   Please give us a call to find out more about our program.

It has been proven that one of the most important factors contributing to success is training.  Our one on one mentoring program has trained  mentors to nurture and support our customers. We constantly strengthen our programs by actively measuring specific outcomes that focus on:  Greater educational success, Avoidance of problem areas and focusing on  successful operations.  Our one on one mentoring program will increase self‐esteem, confidence, and the ability to relate to people who will use the Photo Booth.  We provide professional mentoring that supports building a Photo Booth business.  The idea is simple but powerful.  Be a friend, be a confidante, be a teacher – and most importantly, just be there.

Photo Booth International is a photo booth sales company based in Dallas, TX. After servicing hundreds of events, we noticed an increase in guests asking where they can get their hands on their own photo booth. One year later Photo Booth International was founded and since then we have had tremendous growth in product knowledge and customer support. If you’re looking for a turnkey realistic business opportunity, look no further. We have what you’re looking for; so call us today to purchase a Photo Booth.

Our customer satisfaction goes hand in hand with our devotion to our clientele. Our photo booth is constructed of durable yet elegant materials, which gives it a very professional appearance. We use professional grade equipment, so your photos will always be lab quality. And to top it off, there are no additional charges for our tech support.

We are committed to provide a more affordable quality product!