About Layaway

Photo Booth International has made another payment option available to our clients. The Layaway Program. This is an excellent way to pay for a product that you may not be able to pay off in two or three weeks.

We have four different plans: three months with no interest, six months with 4% interest, nine months with 8% interest, and twelve months with 12% interest.  We have made this option available to the public to allow you the time you need to pay for your perfect booth without breaking the bank. The only requirement is a 4,000+ purchase order and 10% down. Get started today!

How it works

1. Shop our amazing products, speak to our specialized sales team and find the booth and accessories perfect for you and your company.
2. Choose an option based on the amount of time you need to pay for your order and interest.
3. Make a deposit of 10% to get your booth in the queue and into the production line.
4. Once you have made your final payment your booth is on its way to you!

**Layaway is an option to pay up front over 3-12 months before I receive the booth. With financing, You are able to own the booth now and pay it off like a loan.

Layaway FAQs

Shipped in 12 weeks

Yes, follow the directions located in the Welcome Email we sent to you after your order was confirmed.

Yes, the link is located in the Welcome Email.

Every month you must make a payment a missed payment after 7 days of the due date will cancel the whole contract and all money paid into your order will be forfeited. You may pay off early with no penalty fees.

No, only one layaway account per client/business is valid

The contract length is depended upon which option you chose. 3 months, 6 months, 9 months, or 12 months.

The minimum purchase amount to qualify for layaway is $4000 NOT INCLUDING SHIPPING

No once the contract has been signed the deal is done

Located on contract invoice and email.

$150 setup fee.  Cancel fee-lose $150+ 10% deposit. All other payments are refunded

Only 10% Down To Get Started!

3 Months to pay no interest

6 Month to pay 4% interest

9 Months to pay 8% interest

12 Months to pay 12% interest

If you have any questions please email us below.