event rental business

For those who throw a few parties a year, buying all the supplies can be very costly as they won’t use them anymore after the events are over. The more people who are invited, the more tables, chairs, tents, props, food, and all kinds of things are going to be needed. That’s why renting out all the equipment from an event rental business is always a good idea.

Why would people bother to buy only a few items when they can hire an event rental business and have a whole range of possibilities? Event rentals have become such a hit that parties are becoming more and more elaborate and flamboyant, as customers can rent all kinds of unique elements for their parties. Therefore, it is a very prolific line of business. Here’s a list of party rental business ideas for 2021:

Photo Booth 

Guests love good memories of the events and seeing the pictures right away! Even though most people photograph themselves with their smartphones, photo booths have become so popular that people expect to see them at every event. Not only are they cheap to rent and easy to use, but they also provide a service that everyone loves: instant pictures. 

Some hosts even hire a stylish photo booth, like the CLOEE, which is an LED ring with an incorporated camera and microphone. This device offers so much more than traditional photo booths as it has a built-in touch screen and plenty of options regarding background, setting, and special effects. It’s so much fun that some people even give away the pictures as party souvenirs.


Every event has a specific style that is seen in the decoration, music, invitations, etc. Hosts and event planners can rent all kinds of props to create a certain atmosphere. Not all parties have a theme, but most of them follow a certain style. Party props can include party hats, balloons, centerpieces, and more. However, the most important props are the ones people use for the set of their pictures.

In any event rental business plan, there is an area designated for guests to take pictures. Either a photo booth, the sofa area, or a place with a frame or props so that each picture is customized. The most popular prop has become The Throne Chair, a special chair that makes everyone who sits on it look like royalty.


One of the things children and adults alike love about parties is a jump house or bounce house. They are extremely cheap to maintain, as they only need cleaning and a bit of maintenance a year. People love jumping around, and they come in all shapes and colors. Some are even thematic and can have many different games all in one.


Drinks and refreshments are a crucial element in every event. No matter if it is daytime or nighttime, winter or summer, people will always need a drink. Some event planners create some kind of drinking station where there is a bar, a barman, and all kinds of refreshments. However, some people cannot afford to have an open bar, and they hire portable machines.

Perhaps the most popular drink among adults is margaritas. These delicious cocktails can be available to guests out of portable margarita machines. They are cheap to rent, easy to use and you can limit the number of margaritas each guest drinks as you can monitor the machines.  

Certainly, starting an event rental business is easy. There are so many options of elements you can rent out to people that do not cost much money both to you or your customers. In addition, they do not require much maintenance. 

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